Our tour will take you through downtown Phoenix’s historic streets and to some of the city’s most supernaturally active locations. Take a tour and learn the macabre and terrifying history as your guide shares with you some of the city’s darkest tales and chilling legends.

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Tours meet outside the famous Hotel San Carlos, located at 202 N Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85004. All tours meet in front of the historic Hotel San Carlos, located at 202 N Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85004. Look for the “City of Phoenix” Information Sign on the sidewalk on the North-eastern corner of Central and Monroe where our tour will meet. Please bear in mind that the tour does not go inside any buildings, though we encourage you to visit public locations after our tour. We’ll even let you know which ones you can visit!

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Standard Tour: Standard tours take approximately 60 minutes and feature eight different stops. They include approximately 1 mile of walking.


Extended Tour: Our extended tours are approximately 90 minutes and add four stops to your tour, making for a round trip of 1.6 miles.

Our standard tour follows a circular route that starts and ends on the same cross streets by the Hotel San Carlos. Our extended tour takes you off the beaten path and ends just a few blocks from where the tour began. Downtown Phoenix is completely flat with no inclines or hills, and the city is easy to navigate as the streets are laid out in a simple grid.

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Review the times when booking a date. Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow for traffic and parking Limitations.

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Tickets must be purchased in advance on this site. You do NOT need to print your ticket or have access to a mobile pass. Once you have completed your reservation online, you will be automatically added to the admissions list. Simply bring your ID to verify your reservation! You must attend the tour for the date and time of your purchase. Rescheduling may be done upon approval and may be subject to a rescheduling fee.

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There are several paid public parking decks near the meeting location.

– SP+ Parking – 201 N 1st St, Near the Phoenix Convention Center

– Adams Street Parking – 122E W Adams St 

– SP+ Parking 2 – 114 W Adams St, near Valley Bar

– 1st Ave Garage – 302N 1st Ave, near Seamus McCaffrey’s Pub

There is also paid meter parking throughout downtown Phoenix College Street, and extended meter fees can be maintained through an app downloadable from a QR code on many meters. Spaces are extremely limited, especially on the weekends.

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Parking and Meeting place

Please see your booking details for meeting location. There are neighboring parking garages and street parking that are available in the area.

Group size

Group size varies based on time of year and demand. We can keep everyone in your party in the same group. We've been doing this for years, and manage group size to ensure guests have a great experience. In the event you can't hear your tour guide, let them know, or move closer to them.

Dog/pet policy

Pets are welcome as long as they do not disrupt ot distract from the tour

Arrival time

The arrival time will be listed on your confirmation email and in the available tour times when you click the book button

How to contact us

Please do not call us, the best way to reach us is by email using the contact form on this website

How do I order an extended tour?

Book a tour and check the +1 box for each person in your group where it says “Extended Tour” at checkout to add an extended Ghost tour.

What is an extended tour?

An extended tour takes you to a few additional locations when the regular tour ends. This adds about four new places and 30 minutes to your tour- highly recommended

How do I order a private tour

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability. We do not do private tours under 30 persons. If you have a group under 30, please order directly from the website's book now option.

Weather / Cancellation Policy

Tours are held rain or shine. We will contact you if the tour is cancelled.

Can I show up to a different tour day or time?

Please only attend the tour for the day and time you are booked, as another day or time may not be available. If you need to reschedule, please contact us by email first. There is a $10 per order (not person) rebooking fee for each schedule change.

What if i'm late ?

As it is unfair to other guests, we do not wait for late or no show parties. Please remember to arrive to the correct location on time! We do not grant refunds to guests who fail to arrive to the appointed place on time and miss their tour.

I want to work for you ! How do I apply ?

Please email us with the contact form

What is a ghost plush

Ghost plush are small soft ghost souvenirs you can take home and keep as a friendly friend, or to give to someone as a gift!

What is an EMF Detector

EMF Detectors

How do I order EMF or Ghost Plush ?

Order a tour and check the +1 box for each item during the checkout process

Do ghost tours go inside Buildings ?

No, but some of the locations you can visit during the day for free. We simply wouldn't have the time to focus on as many stories as we do if we were to enter each one, and we wish to focus on the stories, and leave the exporing up to you!

When should I arrive ?

15 minutes before the start of your tour

Do you offer food ?


Do we ride on a vehicle ?

No, this is a walking tour.

Is your tour wheelchair / stroller friendly ?

Yes, but there may be some grassy and cobblestone areas

Can I take photos ?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos of the locations we visit!

Can I take a video ?

No, videos are not allowed

Can I smoke on tour ?

No, there is no smoking allowed on the tour

Policy alcohol and drinking ?

We do not allow intoxicated guests or drinking on the tour- we will promptly ask those in violation to leave

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