The Most Haunted Places In Phoenix

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Phoenix is the capital and most populous borough in Arizona. Not only that, it is the fifth most jam-packed with humanity city in the United States. The place is huge, full of life, and brimming with history. It is because of that quality – and its tendency to go insane and reach for its peacemaker at the drop of hat – that the joint is also one of the most ghost riddled hotspots in Arizona. It’s mobbed with all manner of urban legends, supernatural terrors, weird occurrences, and hauntings. Phoenix has a history that spans over 2000 years and during that time it has managed to amass a throng of sad tales, mindnumbing crimes, and irritate spirits wanting to do a Kill Bill on those that wrong them. In this most haunted spots in Phoenix article, we’ll rub elbows with cannibals, outlaws, murder victims, off their rockers artists, and even a mix-and-match ghost town built like a LEGO playset. 

10 Most Haunted Spots In Phoenix

10. Hotel Congress


Hotel Congress – in Tucson near Phoenix – has it all… well, all in the vein of hauntings and whatnots, it’s not exactly a 5 star in other departments. The hotel has an incredibly sketchy history. A chronology that includes:

  • Being part in the manhunt for John Dillinger; one of America’s most notorious outlaws.
  • Being ground zero for numerous deaths. 
  • Having a Suicide Room: Rooms 214 nicknamed the lovely sobriquet after a man took his own life with a shotgun.
  • Sporting a ghostly chartroom: Room 242 where a female ghost attempts to wake guests to prattle and shot the breeze.

The whole enchilada of a structure is chock full of creepy encounters and hair-raising specters

9. Jefferson Park

Jefferson Park might seem like any other toddler’s gridiron; a quaint little spot for kids to frolic about in an innocent-looking suburban neighborhood. Nevertheless, when darkness descends, like darkness is prone to do – that scoundrel! – the mood takes a creepy little turn. You can practically hear the somber minor notes of violins in the air as someone switches on a scary movie soundtrack.

The square is haunted by the spook of a small girl who was raped, butchered, and murdered in the park. Her ghost lingers hereabouts. As midnight envelops the park, hormone infused teenagers and passing grown-ups have often reported overhearing the girl’s frantic screams and pale form zooming by, scary the ever-living bejesus out of Jane and Dick America. 

8. Orpheum Theatre


Erected in the 1920s, the Orpheum Theatre is no stranger to supernatural liveliness and spectral shenanigans. To count off a few of the supernatural claptrap that seems to cling to the theater like gum to the sole of a new shoe:

  • It’s original owner, Harry Nace, died under mysterious circumstances; two gunshots wounds that to the coroner just seemed off and bizarre. 
  • A ghost named “Maddie” who reportedly boinks visitors on the head and has even been surprised photobombing snaps. 
  • Unexplainable purring, a huge – panther size – feline that has a tendency to melt into the shadows. 

Ghost hunters can undergo the wraith filled rollercoaster firsthand; the Orpheum Theater has an official ghost tour throughout the month of October.

7. The Rosson House


The charming, towering Victorian residence was built in 1895, and like all grand archaic building, it has scores of ghosts rumbling around inside its walls. The place simply looks spooky; inside, outside, on photos, on Google maps, in paintings. 

Now the Rosson House is a museum, but tales of eerie happenings plague its history books. Records of footsteps coming down the stairs, unexplained locking doors, hellish heat emitting from cold fireplaces, shades melting into walls, screams in the middle of the night, knocking outside of windows two stories up. 

6. Hermosa Inn

The Hermosa Inn is a gorgeous boutique hotel. Charming suites, spacious rooms, a casita’s atmosphere, polka dancing poltergeist with a taste for drama, and a need to hog up the spotlight. Old West Vibe meets the Overlook Hotel. And who’s the rascally ghost that haunts this place? The pestering phantom that has a nasty habit of disturbing honeymooners? The saucy specter with a salacious stomach for the sauce? Why the original owner – artists extraordinaire and gourmand of his own oil colors – Alonzo “Lon” Megargee. 

The madcap painter loves to break bottles, cause a hissy fit in the middle of a reception, and even sprout about in his birthday suit with nothing more than a cowboy hat and a pair of six-shooters in each hand; evidence that even in death, artistic types will always have a tendency to act weird.

5. Deer Valley School

Phoenix isn’t hurting for haunted buildings; its metaphorical warehouse filled to the rafter with all manner of layaway boogeymen. 

Nonetheless, the joint seems to have a surplus of a specific type of haunted estate – schools. We can’t name them all because, well, going to be honest with you, I’m only getting paid for a top ten… Daddy doesn’t work for free. Nevertheless, I cherry-picked a few to highlight the grotesque trend of higher education ghost-infested hotspots the area seems to the harbor.

Deer Valley High School has a ghost, seen so frequently that the students and staff have enrolled the Casper and even nicknamed him… 

‘Dewy’ most frequently taps nonchalantly into the school auditorium dismissing with a wave of his hand the entanglements of his less than mortal condition; the veil ain’t got nothin’ on him. He also has an inclination for messing around with the lights and projectors.

4. Saguaro Boulevard

If there’s a terrible, gruesome, dramatic, and headline leading tale to a place, then sooner or later some quack will introduce a ghost to spice up that area’s mystique. 

In the early 1980s, a young girl was abducted, violated, and then murdered in Phoenix. You can imagine where I’m going off to and why Saguaro Blv., is one of the most haunted spots in Phoenix. Back in those days, Saguaro Blv was one of Phoenix least tourist-friendly spots; it was an area full of potential, looking for visionaries with a mind for gentrification. 

The cops looked everywhere, and finally discovered her body… in pieces … hidden in a variety of different places throughout a house located at Saguaro Boulevard. That’s right, she was kidnapped, tortured, killed, and later severed into chunks… Is it any wonder the area is haunted? 

3. Chandler High School

Yet another school, and I’m only scraping the top of this Phoenix Phenomenon. 

The school was established back in 1914, just 2 years after Arizona was declared a state. Numerous folks have had dozens of supernatural encounters in the school; including the teaching staff, students, parents, administrators, visitors, and custodians.

The liveliness appears to be more or less focused on the second story of the school’s North Wing, the oldest structure on the school campus.

2. Pioneer Living History Museum 


The Pioneer Living History Museum is a jumbled mess of 26 separate structures varying in age from the early 19th century to 1912. 

The buildings have been moved to the historical district from dozens of places around the state… and each came with its very own ghost. The houses are nothing short of Happy Meals, the proprietor bought them for their nuggets and got a cheap trinket as a bonus.

Caretaker Ken Johnson has reported all manner of preternatural happenings. Disembodied voices of children singing in the old schoolhouse, dark shadowy figure flying out of the Opera House, ice-cold blasts of air, getting felt up by unseen hands.

Visitors constantly talk about odd feelings of unease and spotting some dark shade out of the corner of the eye. 

1. Superstition Mountains 

Yeah, with a name like that it has to be haunted otherwise there’s no justice in the world and God owes us all a refund for false advertising. 

Superstition Mountains take the cake in this most haunted spots in Phoenix list because it is the rumored location of ‘the Lost Dutchman’s Mine’.

The area is believed to be full of angry spirits. One of the most prevailing dangers, the reason why many think it’s cursed, lies in its ability to vanish into thin air would-be explorers and treasure hunters.

The mine is believed to be cursed, full of monsters, rampaging cannibals, and guardian spirits. Folks down in the valley have reported seeing magical lights zooming by, strange atmospheric anomalies, and armies of shadow beings gracing.

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