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Group Tours Are The Best

Phoenix is a city with a troubled history and a rich modern culture. On your Phoenix Ghost tour, you’ll learn about this history as well as hear blood-chilling stories of some of the most well-known spirits and legends that downtown has to offer. Each stop on our tours has been exhaustively researched. Our walks will take you on a journey through time to experience the tragedy and mystery of these hauntings through a mix of narrative and historical storytelling.


Our tours are fit for longtime residents who want to learn more about their city as well as visiting travelers and adventurers looking for an experience they will never forget. Our tours are tailored for guests of all ages, and while many of the stories are haunting there are no jump-scares or actors. The pace of our walking tour is moderate and downtown Phoenix has no hills or inclines.


At the end of our tour, you’ll walk away with a more intimate knowledge of the cities architectural and cultural history, as well as an insider’s look into the local legends and resident spirits that haunt the streets of downtown Phoenix. 


Why is Phoenix So Haunted?


The Superstition Mountains

Formed 18 million years ago by volcanic activity, the Superstition Mountains are home to many legends. While the Lost Dutchman is the most well-known story for most people, the Apache believed that the peaks of this range were a portal to the underworld. They attributed the towering dust storms that pass through the valley during its infamous “second summer” to this doorway to the lower realms.


A Vanished Civilization

The Hohokam seem to have appeared in the valley quite suddenly in the historical record, bringing with them knowledge of a sophisticated canal irrigation system for their agricultural ventures. The ancestors of the Hohokam lived in sedentary villages and may have occupied parts of Arizona as early as 2000 BC.


Just as mysteriously as they appeared, they suddenly vanished – their entire civilization suddenly migrating out of the valley and leaving their monuments and irrigation canals as the only trace of their once sprawling and mercantile culture. Their population plunged and suddenly vanished from the archaeological record. What happened to this civilization that came centuries before the first European settlers?


Historic Landmarks

Phoenix is a city that experienced severe growing pains over the years, demolishing entire neighborhoods in the name of urban renewal and tearing down many historic sites for new skyscrapers. All of Phoenix is built on the ruins of ages past. Many believe that the constant destruction and rebirth that gives Phoenix its name increases the paranormal activity, as spirits are disturbed from their rest as the ground is broken or their original homes are destroyed. Phoenix certainly hosts scores of paranormal forces – maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of some yourself!


Austin Rodger

Review Rating
June 18, 2024

Fantastic tour with lots of interesting information about buildings we’ve walked by for over a dec...

Denver Blanco

Review Rating
June 18, 2024

Overall great, vibe was awesome. Well done. I slept with one eye open

Taylor Knox

Review Rating
June 18, 2024